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“Thailand Elite” has established as a special membership supported by the government, that offers the highest quality of services to the guest of honor. As the world’s first nation supported program, “Thailand Elite” is operated under the Tourism Authority of Thailand, and offers VIP services, personal connections, and privileged benefits.”
“Thailand Elite Membership” will not only take you to golf courses, Spas, Hotels, and Medical Facilities throughout the country, but also provides privileged assistance in immigration services, vacation planning, and business. Enjoy the blissful country of kindness, the world heritage, with the “Thailand Elite” Membership.

World’s First Government Supported Membership Program

“Thailand Elite Membership” Program offers seven program options depending on the type of membership, validity, membership fees and services. Whether you wish to live in Thailand, or wish visit for business purposes, Thailand Elite Membership Program offers not only minimum 5 and up to 20 years multiple entry visa, but also exclusive services with a hassle-free application process. Please click below for more information.

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