Membership Application Process

Step 1 (Applicant)

  • Submit application to official agent for qualification
  1. Membership Application Form (Japanese/English/Chinese translation service will be provided)
  2. Copy of your passport (jpg)
  3. High Definition Identification Photo (jpg)
  4. Copy of Thailand Visa (If you have any)
  5. English translated Family Relations Certificate

Step 2 (Agent)

  • Agent will provide the Chinese or Japanese application form (English translation service)
  • Fill out the application on the Chinese or Japanese form and deliver it to Agent

Request for qualification to *TPC HQ after translation in English from Agent

※ In case you need English translation service

Step 3 (Applicant)

1) If you complete the English application form yourself
: Send the documents to the TPC HQ by postal mail after sign the completed application

2) If you need English translation service
: Sign the original English application form provided after English translation and send postal mail it directly to the TPC HQ

Step 4 (TPC HQ)

  • TPC HQ will send postal mail out the result of qualification

Step 5 (Applicant)

  • When the membership is approved, wire transfer membership fee to TPC HQ (In USD or THB)
  1. copy of signed and sealed certificate or proof of payment
  2. Online payment (Screen shot)

※ submit either one to the TPC HQ

Step 6 (TPC HQ)

  • ID will be created and Welcome Letter will be sent as soon as the fees are submitted and confirmed
  • Membership card and Membership contact information will be provided

※ It may take approximately 60 to 70 days from the submission of the application to the completion of approval of a Membership.